The workshops offer the participants the possibility to communicate and exchange on the social and professional realities they experience.

These workshops offer the opportunity to institutions, services, educational teams and educators to present an important and original aspect of their activity in relation to temporality to a group of 20 to 30 participants. A range of workshops will be offered to the participants. They will take place once or several times, depending on the demand, in the language of the presenter(s). Spontaneous translation may be provided by participants in the presentation who speak several languages. Electronic media, documents, books, specific material brought by the workshop facilitators will be welcome and will enrich the presentations.

… Time as an educational resource, the right time to make progress, to undertake a process, the time of life of groups and institutions, the cycles of the year. The duration, that of educational relationships in residential settings, the more punctual one of street intervention for example. The different ages of people receiving socio-educational support, the timing of treatments, brief therapies, the problem of the ageing of beneficiaries, the cycles and stages of a professional career, etc.